Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Republicans are Endorsing Marijuana Legislation

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 is being spurred by Republican former federal prosecutor James Grey. As the HMJ resident bleeding-heart liberal and standard-bearer for government that helps people (much to the chagrin of all my Republican leading friends) I'm as excited and shocked as you. Check out more after the jump.

From the Orange Country Register of all places (since it's a bastion of progressive thinking and news coverage):
As a former federal prosecutor, he says, “I saw we weren't winning the war against drugs.”
There are six groups who will continue to win if this legislation isn't passed, he says:
Drug lords making millions – if not billions – annually.
Juvenile gangs whose main source of funding is drug sales.
Law-enforcement officials who make big money fighting the drug lords and juvenile gangs.
Politicians who run on anti-drug platforms and keep getting reelected because of it.
Businesses that build prisons and staff them – and the state's powerful prison guard union.
Terrorists who globally fund their operations through drug sales and say, “Drug prohibition is the Golden Goose of terrorism.”
If this act passes, it could bring cash-strapped California an estimated $1.3 billion in revenue in sales tax alone, Jim says. It could also make pot less available to children than it is today, he says, mainly because it would be regulated like wine is.
You can learn more about this stunning turn of events, but keep in mind it's just the one Republican that's leading the cause on that side of the politcal aisle.
But you can find out more at Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.
Bi-lateral cohesion is an incredible step in this important legislation. We commend Jim Grey, and hope others follow suit from both the Democrats and Republicans.

[OC Register; pic via uncoverage] via HailMaryJane

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